Commissions for animal portraits

If you can send me a good photo(s) of your pet, I can paint it in watercolor or pastel. See examples of cats, dogs and equines. If you have a crocodile, I could paint that too! The price of the image of your animal will depend mainly on the size of the portrait you want as well as the number of animals it must include.

How to order your animal portrait?

Please contact me using the form below.

I would ask for very clear photos, taken at the same level as the animal (put your dog or cat on a table or get on all fours – this may not work as well if it is a horse!) and with the main source of light coming from one side. Do not take the photo in direct sunlight or deep shadow.

Here is a photo of my border collie, Spot, which would be suitable as a support for a portrait:

I will contact you, confirm the price, deadline and any other important details. I will ask you for a deposit: 25% of the agreed price.

When the portrait is finished I will send you a good photo of it. If the result suits you, you will send me the balance (75% of the price) and once the money has been collected I will send you the portrait.

Prices for animal portraits

The base price for a single animal portrait in pastel or watercolor with a simple background.


Size (centimeters)




or A4


35 x 27.5


or A3



or A2

Price (euros)

120 €

195 €

235 €

295 €

375 €

450 €

695 €

795 €

For two animals in a single portrait, add 50% to the price on the table. For three animals in a single portrait, add 75% to the price on the table.

For a more complex background, I reserve the right to increase the quote.

Please note this will mean three animals plus a specific background could cost double the prices in the table

For other sizes, or for other specific requests, please contact me.

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